ClearView AM05 Analogue AV Modulator


Digital Agile Audio/Video Modulator


Output Frequency: 470-863MHz
Output Channels: Pal B, Ch 21-69
CATV, Ch S44-S90
Output Level: 95dBuV
Output Impedance: 75 ohm, F connector
Visual/Aural Carrier Ratio: 15, +/- 1dB
Modulation: DSB, Mono Audio
Harmonics level: -55dB

Input Level: 0.7V p-p to 1.2V p-p
Input Impedance: 75 ohm
Input Connector: RCA, CVBS
S/N Ratio: 55dB Typical
Frequency Response: +/- 2dB
Hum and Noise: -55dB @ 87.5% Depth
Differential Gain <5%
Differential Phase <5%

Frequency Range 50Hz to 50KHz
Input Level: 0.5V p-p
Frequency Response: +/- 2dB
Input Impedance: 10K Ohm
Input Connector: RCA, Mono

Power Supply
Input Voltage: 12V DC, 100mA
Power pack for 240V AC 50hz Supplied

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