ClearView OTH2015-10mW Wideband RF to Optical Transmitter 47-2150MHz


1. Designed to transmit CATV + SAT_IF signal from 47-2150MHz
2. RF input ports 12 or 13/18V voltage and 0/22KHz signal for switching LNBs
to a maximum of 500mA current.
3. Excellent linearity and flatness
4. Single-mode fiber high return loss
5. Using GaAs amplifier active devices
6. Ultra low noise technology
7. Small size and easier installation
8. Red-LED for power indication

RF Connector: F-female
Optical Connector: SC/APC ofr FC/APC
Power Supply: F-female
Optical Return Loss: >45dB
Transnmit  Wavelength: 1550nm 10mW
Optical Fiber Type: Single Mode
RF Frequency Range: 47-2150MHz
CATV Flatness: +/- 0.75dB
Input Level: Terrestrial 75dBuV 59 Channels, Sat. 88dBuV
CNR: > 52dB
CSO: > 60dB
CTB: > 63dB
Return Loss >18dB
Input Impedance: 75 ohm
Power Supply: 12V 1.5A
Power Consumption: 4W
Dimensions: 100 x 98 x 28mm

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