ClearView OTH-2300CW 2 x Satellite and 1 x Terrestrial RF to Optical Transmitter Converter


* Designed for satellite and terrestrial optical system
* Wide operating frequency range 47-2150MHz
* Excellent Linearity and flatness
* Using 1-core Single-mode fiber high return loss
* Build-in CWDM, Using DFB coaxial small package laser
* Outputs 13/18V to LNB V/H working , 5V to terr. (optional)
* A distribution of up to 16 optical nodes is possible
* Red-LED for power indication
* Small size and easier installation

Customer Interface
RF Connector, F-female 3(2SAT+1TERR)
Optical Output Connector: SC/APC or FC/APC

Optical Parameters
2 Satellite-IF + 1 Terrestrial Signals CWDM
Optical Transmitter SAT-IF Input frequency range: 950 to 2150MHz
Terrestrial Input frequency range: 47-860MHz
Output Wavelength:1310nm 1550nm CWDM
Optical Output Power, 2 x 8dBm, 6mW
Optical Fibre Type: Single Mode
Optical Return Loss 45dB

RF Parameters
Input Impedance 75 ohm
Terrestrial Frequency Range 47-860MHz
Terrestrial Flatness +/- 0.75dB
Terrestrial Input Level dBuV/ch = 75  59 channels
Terrestrial Return Loss 12 dB
CNR 52dB
CSO 60dB
CTB 63dB
SAT Frequency Range 950-2150MHz
SAT Input Level dBuV/ch = 68
SAT Flatness +/-1.5dB
SAT Return Loss 10dB
LNB Power supply 13/18DCV
LNB Power supply current 300mA Max

Other Parameters
Power Supply Connector: F-female
Power input 20VDC
Power Supply 20VDC 2500mA via Adaptor
Power Consumption 5W
Dimensions 195 x 135 x 45mm
Housing Material tinplate

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