ClearView ORH-2300CW Fibre Optical to Terrestrial/Satellite RF Receiver


* Designed for Satellite Optical System
* Wide operating frequency range 47-860MHz/47-2400MHz
* Excellent Linearity and flatness
* Single-mode fiber high return loss
* Built-in GaAs amplifier active devices
* Ultra low noise technology
* Built-in CWDM,Using High linear PD
* Outputs connected to the 3 IN series satellite multiswitch
* Built-in optical AGC function
* Red-LED for power indication
* Small size and easier installation

ClearView ORH-2303CW

Customer Interface
RF Connector F-female 3(2SAT+1TERR)
Optical Connector SC/APC
Power Supply Input F-female

Optical Parameters
Optical Input Power dBm - 14-+3
dBm -7-+2 AGC
Optical Return Loss 45dB
Output Wavelength nm 1510, 1530, 1590 CWDM
Optical Fiber Type dBpV/ch Single Mode

RF Parameters
Output Impedance 75 ohm
Terrestrial Frequency Range 47-860MHz
Terrestria Flatness dB = 0.75
Terrestria Output Level dBpV/ch = 75 AGC
Terrestria Return Loss dB >12
CNR dB >52
CSO dB >60
CTB dB >63

SAT Frequency Range MHz 47-2400
SAT Flatness dB +/-1.5
SAT Output Level dBuV = 75 AGC
SAT Return Loss>10dB
AGC Stability  +/-1dB

Other Parameters
Power Supply 20VDC 2500mA Power Adaptor Supplied
Power Consumption <4W  
Dimensions195 x 135 x 45mm
Housing Material tinplate

Note: The Optical Receiver power supply can be derived from the power Adapter
or satellite multiswitch.

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