ClearView OM161 Analogue AV Modulator


OM161 VHF/UHF Programmable RF Modulator
This unit generates an RF channel from an AV source.
It is programmable in Australian channel numbers from
Channel 6 to 12 in VHF, and 28 to 69 in UHF.

TV System - PAL B/G
Frequency Output - 47-300 VHF, 470-862 UHF
Programmable in Australian Channel Steps 6-12 and 28-69
Output Level - 70 to 90 dBuV Adjustable
Insertion Loss - 3.5dB
Impedance - 75 Ohm
Video Input Level - 1V p/p
Audio Input Level - 2.1V p/p
Audio Frequency Response - 50-15KHz
Power Pack Included 240VAC to 9VDC 2.7 Watts
RF Connectors - F type
A/V Connectors - RCA Type

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