12 months International TV Subscription for Lava Box HDTV


12 months on going supscription for Lava Box  HDTV

Channels from USA, Canada, UK, Caribbean, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, China,
India, Portugal, Spain, Colombia, Pakistan, Filipino, China, Greece and more.
Wholesale cost $377 inc GST and delivery for TX Mini Android box and 12 months
Subscription. Every following year $220 per year Subscription.

email us for channel lineup

Once paid we will email you the ausername and password for the Lava Box App
On your Android box. Your Android box needs the Lava Box app loaded
before it will work.

Buy TX3 Mini box with 12 months Lava Box HD Subsciption installed, here

Please note.
You need an NBN or fast connection with at least 12Mbit download speed,
Plus a monthly data allowance of at least 2TB.
Excessive use of this service will exceed 1TB a month
so you need to keep track of the data being used.

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