Humax HDR-1003S/1TB VAST HD PVR Satellite Receiver

Humax HDR-1003S/1TB VAST HD PVR Satellite Receiver.

The HUMAX HDR-1003S VAST HD PVR satellite receiver is a 
twin tuner PVR complete with a 1TB internal Hard Disk Drive. 
The drive is a Humax video quality drive giving the best 
possible video performance. 
This Personal Video Recorder (PVR) permits the 
viewing of one channel and recording of another at the 
same time. It is one of only2 Twin Tuner PVR boxes 
certified and approved for use with the Viewer Access 
Satellite Television (VAST) service. The VAST system 
incorporates the very latest satellite modulation, 
compression and encryption protocols which prevents 
the use of 3rd party satellite receivers for VAST reception. 

The VAST box comes complete with a smartcard which is 
married to the box preventing the smartcard being used 
in any other box (approved or not).
The HD-1003S comes with an ethernet port which when 
connected to the internet enables the play back of 
programs on ABC's IVIEW and SBS's ON DEMAND catch 
up services.

To qualify to watch the VAST system viewer needs to-

1) Be in an area already that is not (nor likely to) 
be covered by a digital terrestrial TV signal.
2) Be in a black spot. (An area covered by a terrestrial 
signal, but which cannot be received)
3) Travellers. Travellers can apply for a temporary 
reception certificate. This is valid for 6 months and 
you must apply again after the 6 months.
There is no charge for this activation, and when the 6
months lapse, you can re-apply for another 6 months
if you are still travelling.

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