ClearView HD4444i Single HD MPEG4 DVBT Modulator HDMI 2K/4K Loop Thru with 1080p Distribution via DVBT

How to set up to use IQ4 on a 1080P TV thru HDMI Loop Out

Input                             HDMI 2.0 x1    
HDMI Loop-out          HDMI 2K/4K 2.0 x1    
Signal                          RF Signal out with IR Extender
RF Output                   DVB-T, 1080 60p maximum resolution on RF
Input HDMI                 480i@60Hz、480p@60Hz、576i@50Hz、576p@50Hz、720p@50/60Hz、
Resolution                 1080i@50/60Hz、1080p@50/60Hz、4K+2K@24/30/60Hz
Video Encoding         H.264    
Video Bitrate               2 to 24Mbps    
Audio Format             Stereo PCM (44.1Kbps,48kbps), Dolby    
Audio Encoding         MPEG2    
Frequency                  177.5 to 866MHz    
Bitrate                          2 to 24M bits/sec
Insertion Loss           2dB
RF output range         -10dBm~-20dBm    
RF Interface               75Ω type         
Delay Time                200~300ms (Depends on the decoding ability of receivers)    

Dimensions L×W×H     158x106x33mm    
Net weight                        580g    
Power supply                  12V/2A    
Power Consumption     11W    
Operatiing Temp.            0 to 50°    
Storage Temp.                -10 to 70°    
Relative humidity           20-90% (no condensation)

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